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A Z U R A, decoration and creation store, was founded in 2002 by Laëtitia POUSSE. With its know-how, the first slogan was the creation of unique art cards in the world, with exceptional materials. Gradually, Laëtitia has upgraded its store and now offers environmentally friendly paints upscale, wallpapers, rugs, lamps ...

Note: We provide personalized advice on interior design for the atmosphere, colors and materials.


Laëtitia POUSSE, designer and interior decorator
As a graduate of the ETIC school, Laëtitia offers services in design and interior decoration. Inspiration, comfort, color and materials, nothing should be left to chance! Using environmentally friendly paints, wallpaper, lighting, rugs and coverings sold in its decor store in Blois (41), Laëtitia will give charm and softness to your interior.