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Sandberg is a Swedish design company passionate about craftsmanship. We believe in sustainability, people and that the home is the starting point for well-being. We design and manufacture wallpaper and accessories with an unique expression in our own factory in Ulricehamn. The love of craftsmanship is evident at every step of the way, and is a c...

Sandberg is a Swedish design company passionate about craftsmanship. We believe in sustainability, people and that the home is the starting point for well-being. We design and manufacture wallpaper and accessories with an unique expression in our own factory in Ulricehamn. The love of craftsmanship is evident at every step of the way, and is a crucial component in what we call Swedish wallpaper art.


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  • RAND - Stripes

    Rand is a collection of striped wallpapers. The stripes provide the base, the backdrop, a scene for life at home, no matter how you choose to live it. In this collection, we have added several wall paintings that add a touch of originality to the classic stripe. Discover Fjordbyen, Österbro and Djurgården which challenge the standard of stripe. Explore this collection and find the stripe that suits you in the color you prefer. The Rand collection is a matter of style. Thoughtful choices, interchangeable details and the creation of timeless pieces that survive fashions and ignore the fickleness of the passing years. Rand is a lesson in Scandinavian simplicity and sustainable design, a backdropRydal is a book dedicated entirely to checks comprising 11 exciting designs; a delicious mix of understated and striking signature papers that make the ideal companions for natural materials such as wood, stone, linen and leather. It´s a genuine base collection, with colours developed to match the rest of the Sandberg range,

  • Flora Sandbergica

    The need to bring nature into our homes increases with urbanization. We grow indoors, on balconies and in the middle of the cities to escape the hectic urban lifestyle and get closer to our roots. Going back to our origins – whether it´s about enjoying slow cooking, start a beekeeping business or plant a seed with your bare hands in fresh soil – is to feel the cycle of life with all your sense. Flora Sandbergica, which builds on the meeting between man and the Plantae, is a tribute to this timeless movement. Here, the traditionally careful way of life interplays with the raw and the rough in a sustainable mix of nature-oriented patterns designed for many different environments. For city and countryside. As well as for cottage and penthouse.

  • Arkiv

    In Oas, time stops for a moment. It is a sanctuary where you have time to anchor yourself, visually and spiritually, surrounded by soft pastel colors, lush vegetation, dark shades of midnight and irregular brushstrokes. All surrounded by soft colors and organic leaves of the elder black. Each shade, each motif tells a story and yet allows you to create ours. It’s a place of deep conversation and privacy, where you can draw strength from letting the atmosphere sink into your skin. It is a place where body and mind can land smoothly in a careful composition of colors. Deep and vibrant, sweet and sincere, wild and beautiful. Just like life itself.

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  • Skog

    Skog is inspired by man´s ever greater yearning for nature. Our desire to leave the bustling city behind and go to places where we can exhale and take a break from the urban online existence. The result is a peaceful collection with calm, harmonius patterns that open up the room and meet and greet the splendor of nature. Wallpapers with contemporary design created for modern living with open floor plans.

  • nippon

    Nippon wallpaper collection is our interpretation of the Japanese wabi-sabi tradition. It is a tribute to the belief in the beauty of the natural pure and imperfect. With humbleness to the large amount of diligent work and immense precision put in the making of traditional crafts and creations, gardens and ceremonies. Our twelve patterns were born in the memories of a journey through Japan, its cities, villages and scenery. All twelve patterns have first been hand drawn, created and produced with inspiration from traditional Japanese techniques.

  • ett hem

     Our collection of Löfstad Castle was born from the unique treasure of wallpaper belonging to Löfstad Castle. A centuries-old archive containing thousands of deeply rooted stories related to patterns, colors and structures. The sense of style of Miss Emilie Piper gave the castle its beautiful framing and even today, almost a century after her death, the warm feeling of a home full of life is really apparent.

    Respecting the place, the stories and the people who once lived there, we created an elegantly subtle collection. Wallpapers where each pattern has a unique ability to decorate a room, combined with a deep color palette to bring a sense of harmony. Wallpapers to enjoy for a very long time.

    The collection is a mixture of original expressions and natural beauty. Many motifs are original of the castle, carefully interpreted by our workshop. The combination of soft and soft colors with remarkable patterns results in a collection that evokes art and craftsmanship in its artistic expression. The collection of Löfstad Castle is our interpretation of a time around the turn of the century, when words such as «authentic» and «beautiful» were held in high esteem. A time when details and interior decoration have matched personal authenticity. Something that prevails to this day.

    For the most part, wallpapers are surface printed;a traditional printing method that gives wallpapers a dynamic, hand-painted feel. A conscious choice to give the collection the unique and remarkable feeling it deserves.


    A wallpaper collection for the whole family, the little dreamer, as well as the organizer. Familj II features wallpapers with gorgeous colours, playful and bold, for the Scandinavian-styled home. All designs are named after children related to us at Sandberg Wallpaper. Della was involved in choosing the animals for her wallpaper, and little Moa was soon to be born when her fabulous jungle was drawn. The collection fits perfectly in the kids’ rooms, but imagine how nice it would be to let the loveliness spill over to the rest of the home.

  • hotel

    The Hotel is a small collection of exclusive wallpapers where eccentricity plays on classic style and cheeky exclamation marks. The big fashion house meets the intimate little cocktail bar. The collection features dramatic patterns and powerful colors in an eclectic mix. Think exclusive velvet curtains, luxurious heavy scents and exotic palm trees. This is where we are at. Discover the spectacular floral display of the luxurious marble motif mural by Julie and Marion. This collection also offers three new versions of our popular Raphael with backgrounds in black, red and yellow. We challenge you to dare and think outside the box! The feeling is selected from a wonderful mix. Welcome to The Hotel!

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Showing 1 - 12 of 43 items