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      Omnipresent in the gardens of the...

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    Arte International

    Since its origins in 1981, Arte is a renowned brand for its passion for beautiful wall coverings. Established in Belgium, the wallpaper company is active in more than 80 countries and in Paris in its showroom located in Saint-Germain-des-Près since 2010. Arte offers roller wallpapers, per meter as well as decorative panels.

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    • Osmanthus

      Luxury and sophistication. These are the hallmarks of Osmanthus which suits you on a trip to the Far East. Thanks to materials such as sisal, cotton or hemp, the Arte collection embodies the perfect link, the right balance between the aesthetics of embroidery and the purity of nature. The range of wall coverings takes its name from the Osmanthus (or osmanthus), a shrub with fragile flowers, highly emblematic in Asian culture. Its fragrant flowers, so recognizable, are appreciated as much for their beauty, their delicate scent as their fruity aroma, and are used in cosmetics, perfumery and cooking.

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    • Canopy plays with the natural structure of plants. The result is a geometrical interplay with climbing plants in an unusual context. 

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    • Hover depicts birds in their most natural form. Anyone who comes closer will see that the silhouettes consist of fine lines. Here too, the wood look in the background ensures that the forest never seems far away.

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    • With Matrix on your wall, you will imagine yourself in oriental atmospheres. This design gives you a simple way to create the look of wall tiles in your home. In combination with the shiny relief ink, this pattern is given a very realistic tile structure.

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    • Quick view
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      this wallpaper is available in several colors and can be found in our weaving effect wallpaper section

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