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    Dare to be bold, innovate, and act as explorers in the field of furnishing fabrics and wallcoverings, known to be more traditional until now, this is our philosophy. Design very contemporary products and always have an edge on the latest techniques, this could be our motto. Our in-house design department, a hive of activity like that of an exper...

    Dare to be bold, innovate, and act as explorers in the field of furnishing fabrics and wallcoverings, known to be more traditional until now, this is our philosophy. Design very contemporary products and always have an edge on the latest techniques, this could be our motto. Our in-house design department, a hive of activity like that of an experimental laboratory, traces the lines of research, diversity and innovative mixtures. The proposals, always surprising, create an event at every international exhibition.


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    • Nomades

      « He who does not travel does not know the value of men »

      Moorish proverb.

      Off the beaten track, news nomads appropriate everything they love. They create a unique universe, a learned mixture of individualism and generosity, of exuberance and purity. Their road trip is written every day, the fruit of their imagination and of the thousands of small pleasures they have tasted. For them, each colour, each material reveals a story, a taste of elsewhere. No need to travel to get away… We are all nomads.

    • Eldorado

      Discovery of an unknown island. Nonchalant influences exude from an artist's studio, a seaside cabin and painted wood permeating the atmosphere. Raffia weavings, abaca bark and driftwood make up «Eldorado», our new wallpaper collection. Real effects of plant materials inspired by artistic expression which knows no limits. Caress the authenticity of their reliefs, soak up the rich pigments that bring them to life. Eldorado is a dream come true, and its natural energy, a true treasure. 

    • Parfums

      Gleaned from around the world, handicraft textile pieces are revealed in a wallpaper collection, arranged on raffia and linen. Colorful ambiances create a new appearance, with patterns and textile weavings harmoniously joined side by side sharing a common color scheme. 

    • Anguille big croco...

      Luxury leather-goods brands choose them for their elegance, Elitis adapts their beauty  for our walls.
      Eels, Big croco, Galuchat do not need to play on effects to be noticed. Through subtle variations, they know how to reveal the authenticity of a place. Each light gives its tempo, each shadow its charm. It’s time to forget fashion and experience luxury.

    • Azzurro

      Mid-day. Crushed by the fiery ambient air and the silent sun, all colors turn to white. He finds refuge in the fresh room and discovers, on its walls, surprising grass cloths, half visible in the feeble light.
      Tonight, in the candlelight, they will reveal their rich weave enhanced by warm colors. He will wait for her in the jewelry room.

    • Kandy

      As coming from another century and preserved in time, «Kandy» remains. Imagine walking bare feet on a floor covered with white sheets. There, dyers distill peels of  pomegranate, turmeric and hibiscus to create the most beautiful yellows. Just a drop of indigo and deep greens appear while madder and rusted metal will give birth to blacks. Silk is here a mythical item. Sun light will play with it to reveal its various pigments along the seasons.
      *Kandy, sacred city of Sri Lanka

    • Mémoires

      A sequel to Natives, 8 new designs with a warm feel.
      The panther , the zebra  and the lion are the lords of Africa where we begin our collection.
      The skins are adorned with flock or metal (Parure VP 658), morph and become rugs (Kilim VP 654 and Totem VP 657), or are printed on leather(Masai VP 695) .
      The plain range (Movida VP 625) is revamped wiyh shimmering metallic glints and changing inks colours.

    • flower power
    • Volver
    • Soie changeante
    • Les petites histoires
    • Initiation
    • Natural mood
    • Anguille Big croco Legend
    • Soleil levant
    • Écrin

      Sophisticated wall pleating in silky, textured textile, laminated on non-woven fibre. Sold by the linear meter: 140 cm wide

    • Bois sculpté
    • Vestiaire masculin

      Parisian couture atmosphere, androgynous icons made eternal by cinema. For the outfit, the designer bet on the elegance of natural fibers: linen, jute, raffia... It highlights the supple weft of the textile, the coated canvas, or a fine silky cotton warp. Often a metallic luster appears, like that of the cufflink of a gentleman of good taste, a timeless dandy. These creations are woven, placed textiles on the walls. Some are made by hand, and mix the codes of men's clothing with those of natural fibers, using jute, raffia or even linen. We also discover the spirit of caning, braiding and artisanal weaving. Some are made from natural materials, others imitate them.

    • La caravane

      It is said in Seoul that luck would be held in the folds of the Pojagi. When this everyday fabric is reinvented in coated canvas, and lends its layouts to the wall, is happiness still hiding there? We have seen it reappear between the wide meshes of abaca and raffia weaves. On the canvas, in large flat areas of color, streaked with visible seams, it has the elegance of a soft and soothing, earthly gift, sometimes almost faded from having been transmitted and connected from generation to generation, but still just as soothing. . This collection was designed as a follow-up to the Eldorado collection, based on the Atelier d'Artiste design. It originates from the Pojagi that we discovered in Korea. These textiles used to wrap gifts and objects (Chogak is the popular term) are composed of several fabrics. They are reinterpreted here in coated canvas layouts, using a raffia or abaca effect in serene and melodic colors, almost chalky for some: terracotta, powder pinks, lake greens and blues, natural bleached.

    • Merida

      The raffia offers a pop and colorful imagination. In this graphic vision, it suits the rhythm of the sun which crosses the large geometric windows of a vast contemporary villa. Its light sets the tempo for the shimmering water and crosses the lush foliage of the mango trees to project its cutouts onto the immense volumes of concrete. An urban oasis with a thousand harmonies where daring color schemes compose and recompose their ideas of design and art. This 100% natural fiber collection offers raffia a new angle. By taking the opposite view of his most “raw” signature incarnations, he expresses here a very contemporary universe where the inspirations of painters and great architects mingle through a resolutely graphic bias: geometric layout. Motivated by the layout work with Essence de Bois, we composed these real puzzles piece by piece, positioning and repositioning the cutouts at will to create universes with a dense, graphic, rich imagination. The workshop to which we have assigned the manufacture does an incredible job for each creation, by hand, element by element.

    • Voile de papier

      Neither monochrome nor monotonous, the paper takes on the game of hide-and-seek and metamorphosis. Enter a pictorial world where sheets from all walks of life slip, cut out and overlap: tissue paper, blotting paper, kraft paper, Japanese paper... Between collage-like compositions and penciled prints, the collection invests the register calligraphy and stationery elevated to the rank of a painting, enhanced with India ink, graphite, chalk or metallic shards. In line with Pleats, this collection explores paper, its materials and its universe. Real paper compositions made in our workshop (painted or sketched collages) are reproduced by printing, creating real trompe-l'oeil effects and games of transparency. The colors are sometimes clear and transparent, sometimes dense, pigmentary but warm: terracotta, vegetable greens, mosses, whites, powder pink, copper...

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    Showing 1 - 12 of 56 items