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    Windsor is a traditional paper...

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Established in 1875, this wallpaper brand has risen to an almost iconic level with its fresh take on traditional paper.

Since 1875 Cole & Son wallpapers have represented styles across the centuries and include some of the most historic wallpaper designs in the world. Their wallpapers are in many historic houses including Buckingham Palace.

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  • Acacia non-woven wallpaper shows gray monkeys perched acacia trees. There are 5 colors available.

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  • Ardmore Border is a pretty decorative frieze, which acts as a decorative edging to many of the papers contained within this collection.

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    The Ardmore Cameos wallpaper is a very personal representation of a series of plates which were created originally as a wedding gift to a ‘friend of Ardmore’. 

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  • Adorn your wall with large pink flowers with a heart of gold, surrounded by dense green foliage, enhanced by golden metallic reflections. The Aurora wallpaper, from the Cole and Son archives, is entirely hand painted. Make your wall a real enchanted forest. Aurora comes in 3 other colors.

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  • Boscobel Oak wallpaper is steeped in history. This damask represents two lions roaring in the shade of a large oak, the Boscobel oak, nicknamed the royal oak, Charles II having hidden from his enemies in the shade of this tree. The Tudor rose is also present in this wallpaper which pays tribute to the English monarchy.

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    Floral non-woven wallpaper with a delicate pattern of purple camellia affixed to a golden crackle background. Available in 5 colors.

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  • Bring elegance and refinement to your home with Cole and Son's Fanfare Flock wallpaper. Its motif, from an archive dating from the 19th century, features feathers that resemble leaves with delicate arabesques, covered with velvet.

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  • Adorn your wall with the four iconic flowers of the United Kingdom, arranged in a delicate lattice of leaves. This wallpaper from Cole and Son's Pearwood collection comes in 4 colors.

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  • Named after one of Ardmore’s finest designers, Jabu Nene, this design takes its inspiration from the wonderfully sculptural rhino hand coiled vessels, created by sculptor Somandla Ntshanlintshali.

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  • This fabulous wallpaper with its watercoloured paintings pays tribute to those renowned vessels recognised today as ‘modern day collectables’ by auction houses such as Christie’s, Bonhams and Sotherbys

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  • Leopards march left and right across this wallpaper, their tails forming patterns and rythms associated with Zulu dance and music. 

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  • Vegetable non-woven wallpaper with a pattern representing Ginkgo biloba leaves, here in soft tones of petrol blue, pale pink and mint green. Available in 4 colors.

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