• Versailles BP 2621 • Wallpaper • FARROW & BALL • AZURA

    Versailles is a grand damask style...

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The English brand of paint Farrow & Ball is a reference in the world of clean and green paint.

Farrow & Ball paints are made with care and subjected to precision control in terms of color and finish.

The pigments and resins used in the development of painting are of high quality and mainly of natural origin. Through the Farrow & Ball paints, everything is done to protect the environment in which we live. The content of volatile organic compounds is very low.

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  • All White is exactly what it says! It unusually contains no other pigment except white and creates the softest most sympathetic white with none of the uncomfortable cold blue feeling of a brilliant white.

    102,00 €
  • It is a beautifully textured woven design that conjures picturesque scenes of Japanese fishermen repairing their nets.

    205,00 €
  • Ammonite is named after the treasured fossils often found on the Dorset coast. It has a fantastically understated modest quality, working perfectly with all the Easy Grey group. It is not gritty or industrial but has a subtle grey tone that suits all contemporary homes. To make it feel more grey it is best paired with All White.

    102,00 €
  • Aranami meaning raging waves; is taken from a painstakingly crafted papercut design which Farrow & Ball upscaled to create a detailed, flowing pattern.

    205,00 €
  • Inspired by the art deco movement which characterised design in the 1940s, Arcade is a soft, romantic take on the classic curved motif. 

    210,00 €
  • This colour is ideal for use in cold underlit rooms if you want to create a cosy environment but can be surprisingly orange in well lit spaces.

    87,00 €
  • Arsenic has a lively, stimulating feel to it despite its name being derived from the poison that was once used as a pigment.

    102,00 €
  • Yellow Ground is one of the most useable of our yellows, sitting between the seemingly citrusy tones of Citron and the creamier pared back tone of Sudbury Yellow.

    102,00 €
  • Ball Green is a tribute to Richard Ball, the paint pioneer, who along with John Farrow first founded the company in Dorset, England.

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  • The Bamboo Papers are an exotic pattern adapted from an iconic 19th Century Japanese print recreated by Farrow & Ball as a two-colour block-printed collection.

    205,00 €
  • Olive green reassuring oneIdeal for those who wish to decorate their inside with strong colors, it possesses nevertheless a sobriety which spreads a quiet and soothing atmosphere, and it is true all the more when it is associated with browns or pink soft.Bancha bears the Japanese name of a variety of tea leaf.It gets immediately a feeling of security.

    102,00 €
  • Black Blue appears much bluer when seen in large areas and especially when used in Full Gloss.

    97,00 €